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Literacy learning

Recent research confirms that literacy starts well before children enter school and that the early years of life are the most critical for learning. The literacy understandings and experiences that take place before school age are a key factor in lifelong successful literacy learning.
At Pretty Beach Community Preschool we work in partnership with families, developing an understanding about children’s home literacy practices, allowing early childhood staff to support and build on what children already know.
Once the educators are familiar with the children’s diverse experiences with literacy, they then incorporate these experiences and associated resources into the program. We provide a literacy program that is relevant to children’s everyday lives, a program designed to build on children’s home and community literacy experiences.
Early childhood educators closely observe all children’s literacy learning and document children’s interests, strengths, attitudes and emerging understandings. This documentation, together with information about children’s home and community experiences, then become the basis for individual planning within the whole program. When planning we take into account individual learning patterns, including those who learn rapidly with a high level of interest and ability.
We include opportunities for literacy learning in every area of the program throughout the day - indoors, outdoors, routine and transition times - providing many opportunities for children to engage in literacy practices.
The addition of literacy texts, images and resources to children’s play areas encourages children to experiment with print in meaningful situations. As children play with literacy they enhance their understandings of the functions of print and images as well as their understandings of literacy concepts and processes.
Our early childhood educators then engage work with the children to support and extend their literacy understandings. As well as many opportunities for spontaneous literacy learning in our program, we also plan small literacy groups in which the children may experience, for example, told stories, felt stories, poetry, texts, writing their own books, theme/project based work on a specific topic like road or sun safety.
Reference: The Literacies, Communities and Under 5‘s Resource


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