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What to bring to the Service



For independence, we work towards all children being able to recognise and open their own bag. Let them be involved in selecting the bag and taking ownership of it. Please ensure it is large enough to hold all their belongings and is clearly labelled.


Morning Tea and Lunch

Morning tea - Pack this separately from lunch, in a small container or paper bag and let your child know. This helps us to ensure that the children eat only their morning tea. (Include a Water Bottle). Please place morning tea in the bar fridge in the classroom.
 Lunch- in a small container or paper bag that your child can manage to open, and a drink (water or plain milk) Please avoid large containers and fridge (insulated) packs as we have limited fridge space.

Please place lunch in the basket on the kitchen bench above the bar fridge and it will be placed in the kitchen refrigerator by the educators.

We ask you put your child’s name on both bottom (at each end) and the lid. We also ask that you think about your child’ ability to open their lunch box, unwrap their lunch and open such things as muesli bars. Educators can provide tips to make this easier for your child (and will of course provide assistance all is very valuable practice leading up to school.

We try to encourage a healthy lunch at the Service so only provide sandwiches with nutritious fillings. Sprinkles & chocolate spreads are discouraged. Celery and carrot sticks or a salad are good additions to your child’s lunch. We prefer that sweet biscuits, cakes, chips lollies, roll ups, are not sent as part of your child’s lunch! There is more information on the nutrition requirements we need to see at Preschool.

Parents Information Area

This service supports breastfeeding.
There is an area upstairs where parents can find helpful information, observe their children and where Mum’s can breastfeed their little ones.


Lunch box example

For lunchbox examples, please see the list of suggestions in your Welcome Pack.
Please do not send chips, lollies/chocolates, highly processed foods, chocolate custards or desserts, sausage rolls, pies, flavoured milk, roll ups or other high sugar bars, biscuits or cakes.


These items will remain in your child’s lunch box for home time. A healthy lunch box environment is a group effort by all families and staff.



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