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Our Philosophy
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We believe that the prime responsibility of our Educators is to promote and support respectful, secure and reciprocal relationships. Educators, who strive to understand children’s thoughts and feelings and support the development of wellbeing. By giving priority to nurturing relationships, children will be supported to feel a sense of belonging, see themselves as valued human beings, be able to engage in relationships of caring and respect and learn about their responsibilities to others. They will also be able to appreciate the value of communication, collaboration and teamwork, through generating new ideas, making progress, being creative, innovation and solving problems, finally seeing themselves as constructive, peaceful contributors to our community and beyond.

Our Educators are highly valued for their vision, their delight in children, their skill, heart, knowledge and commitment to our families. We believe in supporting and developing a partnership with families to achieve learning outcomes and recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. We encourage each family to share in the preschool community and promote their interest and involvement by providing a welcoming environment and making learning experiences meaningful. Partnerships also extend to support professionals so that children with special needs are also included and are provided with daily opportunities to learn from active participation.

We see each child as capable and resourceful, therefore we provide an environment that develops and extends children’s interests and strengths. We are committed to equity and believe in all children’s capacities to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities. We accept the individual differences of children and their families and understand the importance of supporting the emerging self of each child. As educators, we pride ourselves on recognising and responding to barriers to children achieving educational success. By making curriculum decisions and challenging practices that contribute to inequities, inclusion and participation of all children is achieved. By developing professional skills and knowledge we continually strive to find effective ways to ensure all children have opportunities to achieve learning outcomes. Acknowledging that children have many ways of living, being and knowing and that children are born belonging to a culture, as educators we recognise that they are not only influenced by traditional practices but also by experiences, values and beliefs. We honour the histories, cultures, languages, traditions, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices of families.

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We believe playfulness, fantasy, fun, humour, silliness and occasionally the ridiculous or absurd have a place in our children’s service. We understand that play is essential to children’s learning and that children learn most effectively within an unhurried, happy and secure environment. We believe it is important to provide opportunities for children to express ideas, create, experiment, discover, explore, investigate and solve problems with support of their peers and educators. This process reflects the becoming of a child through rapid and significant change as they learn and grow to participate fully and actively in society. We believe in practising in principles of sustainable living and therefore

educating children to encompass these environmental understandings, skills and knowledge for life.

We understand that striving to continually seek ways to build our professional
knowledge and develop learning communities can be achieved through reflective practice. In this, we intentionally gather information and gain insights that support, inform and enrich decision-making about children’s learning. We acknowledge and are committed to the Early Childhood Australia Inc Code of Ethics whereby the protection and wellbeing of children is paramount.

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